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About David Sommer Consulting

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David Sommer is a highly-driven professional with 15 years' experience in the global publishing industry and a track record of developing successful products and businesses.

David has developed a range of successful new products including Blackwell Synergy, ContentStore, ScholarlyStats, MPS Insight and RiskCheck.

David is a powerful force at the intersection of sales, people and technology. He has the ability to get the best out of people, combined with a strong commitment to learning, development and growth and a high level of integrity. David has an MA in Physics from the University of Oxford and an MBA from University College Dublin.

David created David Sommer Consulting in February 2009 to help grow people and grow businesses in the publishing and online information sectors. David also partners with other organisations from time to time for specific assignments.

Most recently David was Commercial Director at MPS Technologies (part of the Macmillan Group); he was part of the original founding team when the company was created in 2004. David was responsible for all commercial aspects of MPS Technologies including new product development, product marketing, launch, commercialization and enhancement as well as sales and marketing. David also led the development of the BookStore eBook Platform, part of the wider ContentStore suite of products for delivering content for publishers.

Previously, David spent seven years with Blackwell Publishing where he developed a consortia sales model, built the library sales team and managed the launch of Blackwell Synergy – an online platform delivering over 700 online journals. David created the RFP, wrote the functional specification and managed the vendor selection team, the implementation, the launch as well as the communication plan to clients, staff, societies and partners. He was also responsible for ongoing development after launch.

David has been actively involved in developing industry standards. He has been an important contributor to project COUNTER - the industry standard for publisher-generated usage statistics - chairing the sub-committee which developed the original COUNTER reports, and he continues to play an active role on the COUNTER Executive Committee. David has also been involved in the NISO SUSHI initiative to develop an XML standard for usage data transfer as well as ACAP (Automated Content Access Protocol) - an emerging standard allowing publishers to describe rights and usage permissions in XML that relate to content and services for use by search engines.

Key Achievements

  • Board Director at Macmillan Publishing Solutions (MPS), part of $3 bn Holtzbrinck Publishing Group;
  • Founder of MPS – growing from start-up to in excess of $6m in 4 years employing 120 staff in London, Delhi, New York and Boston;
  • Innovated and delivered a stream of successful online products from first idea through to specification, build, launch and commercialisation – Blackwell Synergy, ScholarlyStats, ContentStore, MPS Insight and BRM RiskCheck;
  • Developed the idea and launched ScholarlyStats winning Library Product of the Year award;
  • Managed sale of ScholarlyStats to a strategic partner – with a multi-million dollar valuation;
  • Developed BookStore and ContentStore platforms now serving Nature, Springer & McGraw Hill;
  • Created business plan and market entry strategy for Blackwell Publishing to enter China;
  • Delivered and managed Blackwell’s flagship online content delivery service with several million users per month;
  • Developed online business model for Blackwell and led global sales teams, growing revenue from virtually zero to in excess of $10m in 4 years;
  • Significantly increased profitability by identifying and developing new online revenue streams;
  • Chaired variety of international industry-wide task forces to develop standards including COUNTER.

Get in touch to find out more about how
David Sommer Consulting could help you and your organisation.