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Business Growth

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Are you delivering maximum performance? Is your strategy clear? Can all your staff clearly articulate it? Are your departmental goals fully aligned with your corporate strategy? Are your teams’ projects and daily actions aligned with the departmental objectives? What are the areas of highest risk for your business?

David Sommer Consulting has the expertise and experience to help businesses grow and be more successful. We review strategy, looking at the business results and areas where business goals and objectives are not fully aligned with the corporate strategy, or are missing. We help you develop a new strategy to meet the needs of today and overcome the challenges facing the publishing and online information industries.

We can offer you experience and expertise in the following areas:

Areas of expertise
  • Creating business plans
  • Setting goals and objectives
  • Creating online pricing models
  • Identifying new revenue streams
  • Creating sales systems
  • Performance management systems
  • Reviewing business unit performance
  • Developing and executing strategy
  • Analysing markets
Turbo-Charged Business Review

We offer organisations a simple, straight-forward Turbo-Charged Business Review where we review a product, division or business unit and provide recommendations that can have an immediate impact on your business results. Often a new perspective uncovers something that will make a real difference and open up new opportunities that were previously hidden from view.

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