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Pelican Post is an exciting new postal service that allows people to send books directly to schools in Africa.

The aim is to inspire and educate young minds in Africa by providing a channel for people to send books directly to schools in Africa to help stimulate a culture of reading and learning in every school we work with. This helps promote literacy which is a key step required to end poverty.

The project is currently in its pilot phase and is focussed on supporting 12 schools in five African countries. Since its launch in 2009, several hundred books have been sent, and the project has been endorsed by Lenny Henry, John Humphrys, Alexander McCall Smith and Mariella Frostrop.

David has been involved in setting up the project and is part of the team that steers Pelican Post.

David Sommer Consulting will donate a percentage of profits made each year to charity, including Pelican Post.

See www.pelican-post.org