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David Sommer Consulting works with large and small clients from around the world.

Here is a selection of clients and recommendations:

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“David is one of those seasoned professionals in the STM publishing industry who really has been there and done that! If you're seeking sharp, insightful advice on anything from usage strategy, to growth strategies, to how technology can impact your business, then David is your man. His recommendations are specific and ready to implement.”
John Haynes, Vice President at Publishing at American Institute of Physics

“David played a key role in developing a new online business idea and taking it through to prototype stage.  He had significant input into the creation of our business plan and was involved in investor pitches.  The combination of his extensive knowledge of the publishing industry, his ability to apply technology to create value and his commercial mindset and insights made him invaluable to us.  We would certainly engage him in future projects.”
Gerry Connolly, Former Executive Chairman at Blackwell Limited

“We hired David to do a mixture of strategic consulting and business process review. David managed the entire process well, from the initial goal-setting, through the engagement, and to the final delivery. He demonstrated a deep knowledge of technology in the publishing industry, his strategic analysis was insightful and valuable, and he delivered all materials that were requested of him and more. I would hire David again.”
Brian Bishop, Director of E-Product Development & Innovation at Springer

“We have been very impressed with what David has contributed to the launch of BRM RiskCheck.  He helped us develop a new business idea and planned the online product offering required to support that.  He created the product specification, helped us select a vendor and project managed the whole process for us.  David’s key strength is his ability to blend his big picture product vision required to make it a success, while at the same time being great at managing the detailed actions required to make it happen.”
Per Holmgren, Director at Business Risk Management Europe

“I hired David to investigate the needs of professional and scholarly publishers with regard to usage reporting. He delivered a complete specification, which we've quickly started to develop. The high quality of David's work has us exploring future options for working together.”
Kevin Cohn, Vice President of Operations at Atypon

“David has brought experience, knowledge, publishing-industry insight, and enthusiasm to our search for, and sourcing of, a production tracking system – a product which will be crucial in taking our business forward over the coming years. His honed project management skills, keen eye for detail, logical approach and sharp business sense have been invaluable assets. My colleagues and I have been assured by his integrity, approachable manner and thorough professionalism, and that at every step of the process, he has entirely understood the needs and vision of our company.”
Samantha Green, Production Manager at Maney Publishing

“David and I worked very closely for more than four years at MPS Technologies. David has deep knowledge of Publishing domain, strong subject matter expertise and a sharp eye for detail. He is very quick in converting an idea into product. We launched our first products in just 6 months, and David not only came up with the idea for the product, but he also played a vital role in defining the process, detailed requirement specs and User Interface for the product. David is one of the rare combinations of a leader, mentor and thinker. His enthusiastic spirit and cheerful demeanour made him a very popular leader. He naturally assumed the role of a mentor to many by virtue of his entrepreneurship within the organisation, the zest to always be a proactive contributor and inspiring positivity. It would be an honour to work with him again in future.”
Satya Pal, Vice President - Service Delivery at Macmillan Publishing Solutions

“LDL has been recognised as a leader over the last 30-years in the field of sales and leadership training. We brought David in to review how we can use the web in new ways to strengthen our current offerings, create new web-based product offerings and grow the business. David delivered value from day one, providing a range of high-impact ideas and concrete recommendations that we are already implementing. We found he understood our needs very quickly and his professionalism and experience made him easy to work with.”
Robin Fielder, Managing Director at Leadership Development Ltd