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David has been closely associated with many successful online products over the last 15 years, creating product concepts from scratch, managing product development, creating specifications and leading commercial launches. Here is a selection of products that David has created and led the development of:

Blackwell Synergy was the flagship online journal platform for Blackwell Publishing (now integrated with Wiley InterScience following the merger).

David created the RFP, wrote the functional specification, managed the vendor selection team, the implementation, the launch and the internal and external communication plans and was responsible for ongoing development after launch.

See www.interscience.wiley.com

ScholarlyStats is recognised as the online portal for library usage statistics. ScholarlyStats was developed to provide information professionals with a single point of access to their vendor usage statistics.

David came up with the original idea for ScholarlyStats, created a beta test community of 50 libraries, created the business plan, created functional and technical specifications, led the team that managed the development and commercial launch as well as ongoing operations.

ScholarlyStats won The International Information Industry Awards Best Library Product of the Year award in 2006, and was sold to Swets in 2007.

See www.scholarlystats.com

MPS Insight is a service that allows publishers to provide COUNTER compliant journal and book reports for their library customers as well as a suite of reports for the publisher.

David developed the original product concept, created the specifications and managed the development team. He also worked with existing publisher clients and new clients to manage the migration from existing statistics systems to MPS Insight, providing continuity to the publishers and their clients throughout.

See www.mpsinsight.com

BRM RiskCheck is a service provided by BRM Europe to keep risk on the agenda within organizations and to cultivate a safety culture to reduce the likelihood of risks occurring, reducing the impact on the organisation's bottom line. BRM RiskCheck enables organisations to periodically review staff's attitude to risk, measure changes over time and identify new risks.

David helped BRM develop the original concept, create specifications, manage vendor selection, build, testing and launch of the product and ongoing development.

See www.brmriskcheck.com

Pelican Post is an exciting new postal service that allows people to send books directly to schools in Africa to inspire and educate young minds in Africa by providing a channel for people to send books directly to schools in Africa. This helps stimulate a culture of reading and learning and helps promote literacy which is a key step required to end poverty.

David created the specifications for the site and managed the build partner during the design, build and launch phases.

See www.pelican-post.org

David has also been involved in a number of key industry initiatives, committees and standards bodies including:

Project Counter The ACAP UKSG

David Sommer has a proven track record with numerous successful product launches.

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