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Product development is the lifeblood of many businesses.

Products have life cycles, and eventually all products mature and decline. Innovation is a key factor in successful companies delivering new revenue streams and winning market share.

Whether you are planning on creating a new product, or rejuvenating an existing product, we can help. David Sommer Consulting can manage the entire end to end process from idea generation to launch and commercialisation, or provide input at different stages along the way.

New product development can be costly, and getting the right product for the right market is critical. David Sommer Consulting provides expertise in creating prototypes for market testing and feedback, detailed product specifications, managing the build vendor selection and build process through to testing, beta testing, launch and commercialisation.

Successful new products are developed in parallel with the development of the business model to support the product, with a clear understanding of the market need and pain point in the background. David Sommer Consulting provides expertise in developing the financial and business plan simultaneously with the technical development of the product.

David Sommer Consulting has a proven track record of developing ideas and launching successful products including Blackwell Synergy, ScholarlyStats, MPS Insight, ContentStore and BRM RiskCheck.

The diagram below provides an overview of some of the services we offer to ensure your product launch is a success:

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